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Im a person that never judge anyone of their past cause we all have one...everyone wants to b happy witout the headaches nd pain..I have 3 kids that I love so much...I ask no one for nothing my mom taught me to b independent....sometimes it get rough n it seems like I can't climb a hill...but I knw a man they call Jesus that give me strength to make it to the I advice everyone to try him...I call him my bestfriend, my father, my soul mate, and etc. I can talk n tell him anything n hes direct me n the rite, not perfect im only human thats glad hes a forgiven lifeish has bn life threatin n it has bn a mess, but I knw ng order to get where u want b u have to go thru something to c the sunshine....I love to have fun cause u live ones my riders r my 3 kids if not im solo....nething else just ask
Books: Ten Rounds With The Devil by Antonio Coney, Let The Truth Be Told
Sports: Track n field, softball, basketball, and tennis
Interests: Reading books oneday my soulmate will find me, also interests my kids future will b bright n follower their dreams....n keeping God first
BestFeatures: My eyes, lips, and smile
Dreams: My dreams r very big....oneday to opening a place for the homeless, unwanted babies, and elderly.....because I have a big heart and I knw with God having something to do with will happen....i just, love to help those that need help....but my God is able..

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