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    5 ft. 0 in.
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    Full Figured
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    High School
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    Yes, over 18


very single energetic 52 years old mother of 4 grown kids and 11 grands i don't smoke don't drink don't party

Browsing again after a 3 yr long relationship with someone from here.. Hope I don't regret this... Smh... Just want to be happy... Im, not the typical woman that gives out her number after the first conversation, I'm going to take my time and chat until I get a good feeling about you if that's a problem then it's yours alone because I'm not going to move until I'm ready, Im a writer and author my book is an inspirational autobiography journal about overcoming sexual abuse and life hardships. it will be published in 2021

What I am looking for

Looking for someone drama free kind giving outgoing and loves to live life to the fullest, It is my hope to meet a good man, who is mentally, spiritually, emotionally secure, and grounded. A man who is supportive, and mature to help me accomplish my dreams. One who would help push me towards achievement, who would be there to catch me and pull me up when I am falling short, and one who is strong enough to stand beside and hold me up when I am weak, and for the purpose of living, giving, and building our future together.