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I believe that kind words and a kind smile can warm up better than any blankets, and I am always following this rule! I smile, I hug and make my close people happy. I am looking for someone who has the same interests and not someone who goes to parties and nightclubs all the time. It's not for me. I want simple, honest and happy life, it doesn't matter, city or countryside, I feel comfortable with both

What I am looking for

Who is a perfect man for me? Perfect people exist only in the books! I understand everyone has good and bad sides and I am ready to accept everything if this person is my soulmate and we have trust and chemistry. I can't say I look for a man of the exact age. Age plays the last role for me in my search. I prefer to judge people by what they do and how they treat others and not by what number they have in passport or what they have. I look for a boyfriend who can tell me, Nadia, I am always loyal and honest to you, and I will know, he says the truth. Trust and respect, this is what I think is so important! Oh, I should say, that sense of humor is important to me in relations, I prefer to laugh rather than to complain or be sad and I want my man and I to have our special mutual jokes and make each other lives positive while smiling to each other and supporting each other. Loyalty, humor, positiveness, openness and bravery to try. "Better fail and know you've tried, t! han to regret knowing you've never tried at all." This is what I believe in, so I am on the dating site, because I try and I know, I succeed. I want my soulmate to be brave to write to me Hello, Nadia to try and to become happy together!